Thursday, 6 May 2010

Chasing Crows, grasping Horiyoshi III and cathing a glimspe of Kokoro

Trying to grasp a phenomena like Horiyoshi III is a bit like chasing a crow.
Just as you think you will get close enough to that big black bird, it suddenly spreads it wings and move a bit further away. Still within reach but always unreachable.

In our upcoming book "Kokoro" we are in truth trying to catch a ghost that only shows itself when not watched, that only speaks when not listened to and and only exists when ignored.
Irezumi has indeed become one of the most influential inspirations for westerners charmed by the practice and wearing of tattoos. So what lies beneath the black and the gray? Beyond linework and shading?

Listen when the ghost whispers softly into your ear.

(photograph made by Matti Sedholm in Kyoto, Japan)

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