Thursday, 27 May 2010

New Irezumi book project - Nakamura Toshikazu.

KofuuSenju Publications will publish a book on Kyushu Irezumi artist Nakamura Toshikazu (Kyusyu Soutebori Aikoukai), hopefully in the later half of 2011. When photographing for our current project "Kokoro", a book about the spirit of yokohama Irezumi master Horiyoshi III, we made a short trip to Fukuoka on southern Japanese island of Kyushu and had the great pleasure to meet and talk to Nakamura Toshikazu in his studio. Nakamura-san tattoos everything by hand, using Shamisenbori technique, which is a variant of its more wellknown sibling Tebori. His work is simple, traditional and very powerful and we are happy that we have been given the opportunity to bring it to a wider, international audience. More news as they unfold.
(photographs made by Matti Sedholm at the studio of Nakamura-san, Kyushu, Japan)

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