Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"Ryushin - chasing the dragons tail" by Horiyoshi III and Kofuu-Senju Publications.

"Ryushin - Chasing the dragons tail" is the first of two volumes of dragon related line drawings by master Horiyoshi III. In an unbelievable effort, Horiyoshi III created one of these drawings a day for over 400 consecutive days. This volume will carry 200 drawings and Kofuu-Senju Publications will make sure you will be able to enjoy these as soon as possible.
Like all our future books, it will meet our highest standards and will be presented to you in the best possible quality, just as its contents deserve. It will be a hard cover book, exquisitely clothbound and come in the size of 9.5in x13.5in / 34.5cm x 24cm. Printed in Sweden on specially selected paper by renown printers Fälth & Hässler.
It will be published around September 2010.

(the above image will be featured in the book, however this sample is a handheld photograph made by Kofuusenju Publications in the studio of Horiyoshi III. The prints in the upcoming book will be scanned proefessionally in Tokyo and of course be of supreme quality.)

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