Thursday, 20 May 2010

Studying Horiyoshi III is studying oneself, and studying oneself is confusion confused with making any kind of sense. So better bring a camera.

Everyone must find his or hers own path in order to succeed in making sense of the senselessness that is everyday life. In order to polish the mirror that is intended to clearly reflect your being, you must first even realize that there is a mirror beneath that heap of rubbish in the first place.

Undoubtfully, everyone has a pile of rubbish and a hidden mirror. Most of the time any individual merely pokes around in the top half, then spot somebody in the yard next to them, that has actually found at least a part of their dusty mirror. That person looks like they've actually found something of value, so pretty soon you think to yourself, that any shining object will do, just like the crows sometime do (but they don't have to look for anything, since they've never lost it. They just like "shiny"), and then you pile up shining junk, polishing the hell out of it and getting absolutely nowhere.

So, just like everything else is, Irezumi is your pile of rubbish and somewhere in there lies your mirror in wait for you. Just don't be fooled by wise men telling you this and that.
You can sleep easy tonight, knowing that there is no truth to be found.
At least not out there.

(photography made by Matti Sedholm at Horiyoshi III's Studio)


  1. Great photo! Love the contrast, room, telephone and his socks. Gives a good feeling.

  2. Thanks, Johan. Happy you like it!/matti