Friday, 30 July 2010

Horiyoshi III Ryu.

As time is surely flying, I find time inbetween editing the scanns of Horiyoshi III's paintings for the upcoming bookrelease of "Ryushin", and manage to process photographs for our next book, "Kokoro".

Since there are many good ones in the enourmous pile of photographs we have captured so far, some of them will obviously show up on this blog. Seems like we could go on shooting for this project forever, and as always, humans do not have "forever" to spend. Not even on photography and Irezumi. A blink of an eye, and one hears the muffled thuds of shovelfuls of soil landing on top of the casket, as it is lowered into the ground.

No, better to move ahead with confidence and be satisfied with what comes our way.

/Senju (matti sedholm).

Photograph captured by Matti Sedholm at Horiyoshi III's studio in Yokohama, Japan, April 2010.

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