Monday, 5 July 2010

The Kofuu Senju Horiyoshi III dragon book; initial design work began today.

Today was the first day in Senju's (matti Sedholm) new tiny, but definetely good spirited office.
The computer's hooked up and the double screens were callibrated, as the scanns of Horiyoshi III's paintings to be feautered in the upcoming book, "Ryushin", were being copied on to both internal and external harddrives for safety reasons.

The overall design of the book was drafted by Matti Sedholm and Alex Reinke in Yokohama during the visit there in april earlier this year, and what now remains is the painstaking adjustments of the scanns and realizing our vision into a real living book.

The goal is to create a high quality reference book, built to last both spiritually, designwise and physically. As this will hopefully become a often used work reference for tattooists and other artist seeking guidance regarding the Japanese dragon and the related heroes, deities and stories, we try to make it work as such. Horiyoshi has brushed the Japanese titles for every painting in his own hand, and this week will be set aside to correctly scan and process that material as well.

More news as it unfolds.

(photograph by Matti Sedholm, captured in Horiyoshi III's studio, august 2009)

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