Monday, 16 August 2010

Approaching cataclysm. Two weeks until deadline for Horiyoshi III book.

Summer has returned briefly here in the north of Sweden, and everything is sticky and hot. As I return to more steady work schedules I find us approaching deadline for the printing of "Ryushin" at the speed of light.
There's comfort in the realization that this has always been the way Deadlines approaches us.

All the paintings are edited and about 60 titles brushed in Horiyoshi III's expressive hand remains to be added, and after that the shape of the book as a whole can take form. Many things are already nailed down when it comes to the graphical aspects and typesetting, but I am sure there are many hidden trapdoors and creative assassins before we reach the printed conclusion of everybody's efforts.

(photograph captured by Matti Sedholm, Konchi-in, Kyoto; Japan 2008)


  1. Living in Norway I don't expect to find your books at my local bookstore. Will they be available to order on-line? Can one make reservations now as I expect them to be quite sought after?
    Good luck bringing the project to the end.


  2. Thanks for commenting, Kim. The book will be available at some functions, like the London Tattoo Convention (the Ryushin Book), and through our website and hopefully this blog.
    We will use paypal over the internet.

    As far as reserving copies, this is something we are discussing at the moment. Keep checking back here for further information during the next couple of weeks.


  3. Nice to hear that the book is coming out. A must have. Its this and the new Dietzell and Grime books that I grave. Too bad I am broke, but, what else is new :) Still keeping my back blank for the tattoo Matti, only the image has changed, or not changed, grown as have I, the "form" is the same. Time will tell when I have cash and time :)