Monday, 2 August 2010

Horiyoshi III and "Ryushin". A book of dragon paintings published by Kofuu Senju.

Eternity is shorter than one thinks. Yet it takes forever.

We're approaching the release of our first book on Horiyoshi III's dragons (24th of September this year, at the London tattoo Convention), and as usual time proves itself as the most precious jewel. Editing Horiyoshi III's brush paintings is halfways through by now, with a hundred more to go. It's timeconsuming work as many dust particles and other things always end up on the scanns, however professionally they handle them. We want this book to be as good as we can make it, and that means putting in the hours it demands.

This is the story so far:

-208 or 216 pages on 130 gr uncoated natural white paper.

-Hardbound cloth cover with embossed and laquered titles and calligraphy by Horiyoshi III.

-200 new dragons designs by Horiyoshi III, representing this master's most energetic and experienced design to this date. The dragons are mostly set together with a deity, hero or foe, making this book a rich source for designs.

-An index with all the names of the characters appearing in the brush paitings will be available at the end of the book.

-Horiyoshi III himself is not writing anything for this book. It is rather Kofuu Senju's presenting the art of a contemporary artist with a tremendous past and present impact on tattooing and culture. There will be texts by both Kofuu (Alex Reinke) and Senju (Matti Sedholm), in the form of prefaces.

-"Ryushin-Chasing the dragon's" will be released in Limited Edition of 2000 copies. There will not be a softcover edition.

Horiyoshi III made 400 new paintings on this subject matter, and the remaining 200 will be published in a book at about the same time in 2011.

(photograph made by matti Sedholm at horiyoshi III's studio in Yokohama, Japan 2009)

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