Monday, 30 August 2010

Horiyoshi III, "Ryushin" and the art of never finnishing.

The weekend didn't turn out to be all the rest that I imagined when it started. Being the first book we design everything had to be done at least three times. Mistakes slip through fingers like small fish, and as soon as I uploaded a file something else showed up. The weekend was spent bent over the laptop fending of sick kids, trying to concentrate on correcting what was amiss, and at the same time trying to be a family father.
Well, what doesn't kill you makes you......I don't know....a little wiser, at least.

Anyway, the book should be in print now, and all that remains is waiting.

New plans for visiting Japan has been made as well. We hopefully start shooting for the Nakamura book in the beginning of November this year. This time we'll bring professional lighting, but I am not sure if that's what we're using when it all boils down. Me and Alex are fans of natural light, so if opportunity presents itself we might end up not even unpacking the big flashes, softboxes and tripods. Photography is best performed as simple as possible. Focus and flow. Not fiddling about with buttons.

In all, things are best performed on an intuitive basis. It's the mind and belly that needs liberating. When this is done, anything is possible! "Getting it right" is the business of killing intuition on the spot. Rules are just a starting point for breaking them, but simply breaking them in lack of anything wiser to do, will just make it look imature and to early to pick from the creatiative tree. Just relax. You'll now when it's right. Inhale. Exhale. Again.


(photography of Tokyo sunset created by Matti Sedholm, Tokyo, Japan 2008)

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