Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Zen is repetition. So is life. Over and over again.
Photography and Irezumi the very same.
If one search too hard for the genuine thing, the result will only appear as artificial and desperate.
Irezumi repeats the same designs and moves in ever familiar ways, yet the refinement becomes obvious when you look back at what has been achieved over the years. Photography remains the same. The strongest photographs are mostly created in the same situations as they always were.

Why is that?

The simple answer is Life.
It's what we do everyday that weaves the web, create the miracles. All created images becomes selfportraits when looked upon. Throw away Like and Dislike. Just Move Ahead. It will all be fantastic. You'll see.

Dragon. Tiger.
Over and over again.
Just like hugging my children or eating my soup.

(photograph created by Matti Sedholm at Kenninji, Kyoto, Japan October 2008)

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