Friday, 27 August 2010

Work, rest. Then work.

Close to midnight last night the finnished work of "Ryushin" was uploaded to the printers server. Hopefully everything will be to the printers pleasure so there can finally be and end to this weeks daily 12-hour shifts in front of the computer. As always, the final moments of designing a work like this saw some changes to the better. Some photography was included, one painting was pulled because of layout reasons, and paper and covermaterial was replaced for better choices.
I have all the confidence necessary for Fälth & Hässler, the printers, for making this a work to be proud of. Any mistakes or faults in the production will be entirely on our hands.
If all goes according to plan the book will arrive in London in time for the London Tattoo Convention, which starts on the 24th of september, and those interested in obtaining a copy can do so there.
The book will also be available through our website and this blog. Bear in mind that "ryushin" runs in a limited edition of 2000 hardcover copies, and that no more will be printed after that. There will not be a softcover edition since we aim to keep a high quality profile.

Today I am resting by the computer editing photos for our upcoming book on Horiyoshi III himself called "Kokoro", which should, if all goes well, be ready sometime in the end of the year.


(photograph of Senju sitting in zazen at Shunko-in, Kyoto, Japan, was created by Alex Reinke in september 2009)

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