Monday, 6 September 2010

Inbetween one Horiyoshi III book and another Horiyoshi III book.

"Ryushin" is at the mercy of the printers (Fälth & Hässler), and I pray they have mercy on my soul. There's a slight void, a creative emptiness, that lingers at the office these past few days. The work on "Kokoro", our second book on the subject of Horiyoshi III and Irezumi has already begun. Thousands of photographs have been sorted, selected, rejected and made their transformation from RAW to printables. There are still a few hundred to process, but then the actual designing of the work will begin.

"Kokoro" started as one idea, transformed into another, and finally returned to the original one. We feel fairly confident in the original idea, and have decided to run with it.
With only a few months until the actual printing of that work, this office (Senju's) and the other (Kofuu's) will once again be filled with creative energy. There will also be plenty of despair and desperation, of course. Wouldn't wanna be without it.

While you are waiting for news on "Kokoro", make sure to reserve you copy of "Ryushin". There's a limited amount of copies being made, and the pre-orders have started coming in.
Don't miss out. More info on how to pre-order your copy can be found here.


(photograph from Fushimi Inari, outside Kyoto, was created by Matti Sedholm November 2008)

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