Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ryushin - dragon illustrations by Horiyoshi III of Yokohama

The final changes and corrections have been made to the design of "Ryushin", our upcoming book of new Horiyoshi III designs. The phone and the mailbox are silent and empty now. Seems like I finally did everything right and the printers can get busy on all their magic. There's still three more weeks until "Ryushin" becomes paper and covers to me, instead of ones and zeros in my computer. There is probably, but not hopefully, some mistakes and faults in there, as Horiyoshi III himself would maybe comment - "It's all Human Life".

What remains now is a few days rest before the bulk of work on "Kokoro", our upcoming photographic book on Horiyoshi III and his heart beginns. Almost all the photographs are processed and ready for selection. We have thousands to choose from, and selecting will probably be the most difficult part of that project. It's very tricky to now when to stop creating photographs around a project. Personally I could go on for a hundred years, if allowed. Fortunately I am not.

(photograph of Horiyoshi III clients created by Matti Sedholm/Senju in Yokohama, Japan 2009)

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