Thursday, 9 September 2010

"Ryushin" - the dragons of Horiyoshi III

Here we show 4 samples from our new book "Ryushin". There's a 195 more inbetween the covers, and it's a comprehensive collection of Horiyoshi III's latest and perhaps most succesful effort to capture the spirit of the Japanese dragon (Ryu). This morning a mailman knocked at my door with an express delivery - a sample of the printed version of "Ryushin" for approval. I could do nothing but immediately do so. Until now, decisions concerning paper and editing has been locked away in one's and zero's on a string of computers. This morning I could finally see that all that hard work payed off.

Of course, the cover still remains to bo unveiled to us, as that's the binder's business, and not the printer's. So in a way we are still sitting on needles here.

Facebook are still locked down in its game of Catch 22. This morning I was finally able to add my phone in order to get a code texted to me, but no text message showed up. At this point I am not so surprised. The Iphone Facebook app still doesn't work, and I have come to regard this phenomena as a boat full of holes. One of these days I might get back in there again, but my hopes are vanquished and full of dust by now.

Tomorrow we'll be posting the final facts on the book (size etc).

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