Sunday, 24 October 2010

For a while.

Tomorrow is packing day.
Hustling frantically to get the camera gear stowed away and trying not to forget to bring fresh underwear. Toothbrush, earplugs and maybe a good book. Always confusing.....packing up for a trip to Japan.

This past month has been thrilling, to say the least. It's not everyday that people publish books they only dreamed about publishing a few years back. Seemingly out of nowhere we pulled "Ryushin" (with a great deal of help adn suport from Horiyoshi III), and it's beyond rewarding to hold a work you yourselves created in trembling hands. What cannot be achieved after this?

We have so many ideas, so many leads, and so little time. If we could have our way we would fill up bookshelves in this instant. before that, of course, always comes hard and dilligent work.

Seems like ages since I lifted the camera spiritually to capture the illusive ghosts and demons of reality. Now it beckons me for attention. "Use me", it whispers from its tucked away existance in the black camera bag beside the desk where the double screens display the first outlines of the pages for "Kokoro". There's no telling where we will end up this time, friends. All I am sure of, is that the universe will gently place us where we need to be.

We will try to find time and opportunity to update this blog when on our travels in Japan, but sometimes internet connections are few and far inbetween. But rely on at least something from us in the bext two weeks.

Until then.


(photograph of Horiysohi III's work by Alex Reinke, Yokohama, Japan 2010)


  1. Have you taken a break from your own Irezumi Horimatsu?

  2. I am still working on the projects started, but at this moment the work on Kofuu-Senju Publications is taking up most of the time.
    I will probably continue on a half-time basis in the future. Irezumi needs continuance as well as constant evolution, and I feel I have a responsibility in that sense. It's a lifetime path rather than a profession. The study of the tradition and its roots constantly opens new doors into so many areas worth exploring. Irezumi is not an isolated phenomena but connects with many other Japanese traditions.