Monday, 11 October 2010

Important on the pricing of "Ryushin".

Due to "currency wars" and ongoing "twists" in the worlds economy at the moment we have decided to set the price of "Ryushin" in Euro (€) instead of the Swedish krona. At the moment the Swedish currency is one of the strongest, which makes our books more and more expensive for buyers worldwide with each day that passes. The Euro is more balanced against the dollar and in the future we will set our prices in abovementioned currency.

The price will now be 199 € plus 35 € for packing and shipping.

This of course means that some indivudals that has already bought the book through our blog has in reality payed a higher price. For these buyers there will be a 15% discount on the next book they choose to purchase.
If anyone wants to discuss this matter with us, please send us a mail at

(photograph from Konchi-in, Kyoto, Japan by Matti Sedholm 2008)

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