Sunday, 17 October 2010


In between 25/10 and 7/11 we will be on the field (Japan) working on our upcoming bookprojects, so there will be a lull in the shipping activities for "Ryushin". If you want to order this limited edition book, and make sure we can ship it before we go, please place your order no later than 24/10. Usually books go out within twentyfour hours, and sometimes fortyeight, so last minute orders can be taken care of. You can order it on the right hand top of this blog.

Plans are laid and gear is being packed for the photographing of "Nakamura's World". We look forward to present this traditional Japanese tattoists take on things, and it wouldn't be surprising if some images end up on this blog before the actual book is printed and shipped.

We will try to update the blog as much as possible when we are in Japan, so make sure to check in once in a while.

During the last month we have been totally immersed in the selling and shipping of copies of "Ryushin" and we are truly grateful for the outstanding reception it has gotten, both inside and outside of the tattoo community. Thanks!

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  1. Matti, did you get my email I send you a while back? I have a new email, so maybe it is in the spam...