Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Past Week/New Ways

Strange how fast a week can pass you by. Since the copies of "Ryushin" arrived there has been little time for anything else than packing and shipping. Luckily enough we set it up beforehand, so that boxes, packing materials etc, was ready.
Being a tattooer and photographer, it's not a working day I'm used to, but I welcome the change with open arms.

To become stagnant is the worst enemy of creativity, and creativity hides everywhere in life. If you try to perform the task at hand the best you can, pretty soon it all becomes equally rewarding. Strange how packing books and riding to the post office can trigger new outlooks on the backgrounds for my Irezumi, or point me towards new subject matter in photography.

This past week Kofuu-Senju Publications have had to butt heads with PayPal several time. As we have chosen this payment option, because of its reputed easy-to-handleness, we have found it not so easy at all.
For instance, when we send out our money requests to buyers of "Ryushin", it comes out in swedish only. Suddenly the inbox was full of confused buyers not being able to make out what it said. I called PayPal, and they simply said that this is how it works. You get assigned the language of your native country when signing up, and there's nothing that can be done about it.
This has cost me many hours huddled over the keyboard at the office. Frustrating. What was supposed to be easy became a minefield of correspondance.

Finally, a buyer came up with a simple solution! Instead of us asking the buyer for the money, they can simply pay send us the money from their own PayPal account. Simple as that! Everyone can now do it in their own preffered language. Thanks, Geoff!

We're now counting down to our next visit to Japan. We're going to finalize the material for our upcoming photo book on Horiyoshi III, "Kokoro", as well as photograph and collect the material for our upcoming book on Japanese traditional tattooist Nakamura Toshikazu. "Nakamura's World" (working title so far), is scheduled for next autumn. Probably we'll be negotiating with another exellent Horishi, about an upcoming book project on him as well.
Busy,busy, busy........
But fun!

If anyone that has pre-ordered "Rysushin" ahs not recieved their money request from us, or if any other problem regarding this is occuring, please let us know.
make sure to check your spam folder, just in case some important update on Your order has ended up there.

Now its back to packing and shipping.


(photograph of Nakamura Toshikazu by Alex Reinke, Fukuoka, Japan 2009)

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  1. Wonderful picture and great irezumi work. I can really see what you mean, when we talked about Nakamura's work. The advances in the simpleness.