Thursday, 21 October 2010

Six Days

Woke up to the realization that winter is rapidly approaching up here in the north. Seven degrees minus celsius this morning. Everything changes. Summer tires on the car makes driving to the office a bit more exiting than I would like it to be. Thank heavens I am going to Japan next week.

Only a few days left to order "Ryushin" before we go to Japan. Shipping will end on the 25th and resume on the 6th of November.

Those pre-orders of "ryushin" that are not already payed are now regarded as void, and those copies will be added as available. We are very pleased with the interest our book has gained, and will continue sending out books as fast as we possibly can.

(photograph from the Yokohama Tattoo Museum created by Alex Reinke, autumn 2009)

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