Monday, 15 November 2010


When polishing the mirror of everyday life, it becomes evident that most of what you believe to be true and absolute is really not. Reality is an agreement with the self and others concerning the issue of understanding the reality around you. This is where the confusion begins.

In lack of own experience, we start adding "truths" to our mental hard drive already at an early age. This is quite understandable and perhaps very necessary as well. To prevent the stars and the moon from falling down into the sea, we attach to them the qualities needed to leave them where they are, and go about our daily business of food, shelter and sometimes procreation.

We often regard reality as complex and hard to grasp. We ponder problems and invent so(u)lutions, still ending up in the bathroom with that empty roll of toiletpaper. What to do?

In all reality, reality is no more complex than the piece of rock on the ground before you. It is what it is.
Our imagination can, out of fear, turn this rock into any shape necessary to patch the complex web of illusion that we call Life. Nevertheless, it is still a rock. There is perhaps something called truth, but don't believe for a second that what you call true is really that - true.

Keep polishing the mirror and it will become clear.


(photograph of Horiyoshi III's work by Matti Sedholm, Yokohama November 2010)

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