Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Nikon P7000

After many trips hauling lenses and bags, it has all shrunk down to the Nikon D700 and the Nikon 50/1.4 G lens. I realized some time ago that this is what is used in 97% of all the photographs I capture, so why sit like a fat rat on top of lenses that are of no use to me?

I took a while, but the lenses are sold by now, and the money invested in an other camera instead - the Nikon P7000. It's a compact (it's pretty big for being a compact but way smaller than my Nikon D700), and it of course has all the limitations of such a piece of machinery.
A huge and heavy DSLR is not something that is always with you, and ever since I took up photography I have searched for something that would not dissapoint me too much when I open the files in Lightroom.

A myriad of Canons, Nikons and even Panasonics have passed through my hands these last five years, but they have at their best simply made me want to cry. Until now, that is.

Just like Nikon waited and waited before releasing something like the D700 (that blew the competition away), I had to wait for many years before the people at Nikon finally came to their senses and designed a compact that actually works like a camera! It does!

I am not going to go into specifications, simply because I create photographs and have no inclination for hanging in forums nitpicking the far corners of obscure functions. neither do I shoot testcharts or worry about sharpness, resolution or speed. I base my judgement on the feeling in my guts.
What I want is something that looks like a real photograph when I open the file. Nikon has satisfied my desires on that point this time. If you try one out, you'll see for your self.

But do keep in mind that it doesn't really matter what camera you have, as long as you are pouring your heart and soul into your photography.


(the above image was captured today in my office using the Nikon P7000)

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