Thursday, 11 November 2010

Return into this life.

Almost a week has now passed since our return to Europe.
Up here in the north of Sweden, the snow has started to fall, covering the everyday life of humans in a velvet blanket of whiteness. It is as usual a dualistic emotion that strikes. The loss of simpler ways versus the hardships of the pure but harsh mistress that is winter.

The visit to Japan remains a blur of Irezumi, photography, sun, rain, insights and spiritual gifts bestowed on the ones in such a dire need of paths to walk.

The collecting of visual material for our spiritual portrait of Irezumi master horiyoshi III of Yokohama has now ended. Floating chest high in visual expressions of things that have such difficulties assuming the shape of words, we are now left with the final stages of the creation of "Kokoro".

We are as eager as You, perhaps more so, to see what spectre we will be able to conjure up. When everything is a the tip of ones tounge, it becomes difficult to speak.

Some news on "Kokoro";

The hardcover edition will be limited to 555 copies only.
In the coming weeks we will establish the final outline of the book, and as soon as the price is set, we will make it available for pre-order. Due to the extremely small edition, pre-orders have to be payed when placed.

Expect more news in the next few days.

(photograph from Horiyoshi III's studio by Matti Sedholm, Yokohama November 2010)

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