Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Let the madness commence.

There was so much work involved with creating "Ryushin", and it's safe to say the workload did not shrink the least after the successful release at the London Tattoo Convention late September this year. It merely shifted from from the creativity of designing a book to the creativity of packing and shipping the conclusion of the first action.

Now the real bulk of the designwork for "Kokoro", our photographical portrait of Horiyoshi III of Yokohama, is about to begin. Fingertips are paused in anticipation above the matte black plastic of the keys on the office computer. Literally thousands of photographs captured on our three latest visits in Yokohama, Kyoto, Eheiji (among others), has to be painfully destilled down into what would be a really good book. Sometimes it feels like the easiest way would be to run them all and never look back.

The framework of the design is already in place, continuing where "Ryushin" left off. We liked that simplicity, and it will back up the abundance of photos destined for a life within the covers of the book.
As the last remnants of the photgraphs captured on our latest visit (November this year) come into their final shape, selection will be the single biggest task at hand. Of course, that is not taking into consideration writing, selecting Koans and poems and ..........

(photograph of Senju/Horimatsu/Matti Sedholm at the Fudo Myoo temple in Yokohama was captured by Alex Reinke/Kofuu/Horikitsune in September 2009)


  1. How wonderful Matti! Can´t wait until I see the book in real. Had a busy year but will continue my tattos and chats with you this winter and spring. I´ll contact you later for booking. Take care and I´ll talk to you soon.

  2. Great but somehow strange to see you showing off your tats in japan/public space in plain daylight :) Something I don't dare to do unless at the beach or in some knowns bar or club.

    Wished I could be as free! :)

    Looking forward to more info on the book! Good luck! :)