Monday, 6 December 2010

In the middle of everything

The past few weeks I (Senju/horimatsu/Matti Sedholm) have been in the middle of what can at its best be described as some former of pleasant chaos.
At the same time as the winter darkness spreads its blanket of melancholy over the northern landscapes of Sweden, I have packed and shipped more copies of "Ryushin", worked hard on the selection of photographs for "Kokoro", as well as the graphic outlines of this upcoming book, and at the same time kept my private Irezumi work going.

It's been more than hectic, but achievement is a spirit full of rewards, piling up results and treasures from the treasury of hard work. We will soon be able to accept pre-orders for the higly limited hardcover edition of "Kokoro" (555 copies), and information on this will soon follow.

Please remember that if you would like to obtain your copy of "Ryushin" before christmas, orders have to be placed very soon.


(photograph from Horiyoshi III's private collection by Alex reinke, Yokohama Japan april 2010)

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  1. The preorder, must be the christmas gift for one self:)