Tuesday, 11 January 2011

After months of intense work, especially in the past 3 weeks, we have finally made it to deliver the files of our flagship book KOKORO to the printers yesterday! Words cannot describe how happy we are with the outcome and we cannot wait to hold the book in our hands! If all goes as planned we will offer the first copies of our book at the Milano tattoo convention in February, of course after having sent out the ones we already sold to the early birds.
The book is limited to only 550 numbered copies and has the same dimensions as our last publication Ryushin. Again printed in Sweden by Fälth & Hässler it has 200 pages and is filled with texts from both authors Matti 'Senju' Sedholm and Alex 'Kofuu' Reinke, irezumi master Horiyoshi 3 (including some of his amazing calligraphy) and Alexs' Zen-master Julian 'Daizan' Skinner Roshi, plus old texts and koans of Zen master Dogen Zenji. Of course it shows loads of photographs taken in Japan by Matti and Alex. The photos depict mostly every day scenes of master Horiyoshi III, his tools and surroundings as well as Japanese nature shots, temples and city life. We try to give the observer a profound idea of the spirit of Kokoro, which surrounds everything Japanese, especially its craftsmanship.

The Kokoro book is already available for pre-orders (with pre-payment only) since a month or so. In order to get the lower numbers of the limited edition you need to be quick, as sales have picked up increasingly. more information on how to pre-order can be found here.

(Kokoro Calligraphy by Horiyoshi 3, Photo by Alex Reinke.)

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