Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"KOKORO", our new photobook on Horiyoshi III is out now!

Finally all the copies of "Kokoro" have arrived at our office. This is a strictly limited hardcover edition of 550 copies so be shure to order your copy soon. With launch sales at the Milan tattoo convention earlier this month plus all the pre-orders we have already effectively sold about 150 copies in just about two weeks!

The book was very well recieved in Milan, and all the copies we had with us sold out fast. The pre-orders are being sent out as you read this, in the order they were recieved. It should be completed in a day or so.

In order to obtain your copy, use the Paypal button on the right hand side of this blog, or visit, click your way to "Books", find "Kokoro" and hit the "Pay Now" button and you have successfully secured a copy.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


We only had a few launching copies of "Kokoro", our new photographic portraitof Horiyoshi III, with us to the Milan Tattoo Convention, and the bulk of the books are making its way to us by truck as I write this. Everyone that was wise and pre-ordered their copy will see them sent to them as soon as we recieve the shipment. The lowest possible number of each individual copy has been reserved for You, and we hope that you will soon be able to have a look at our latest book.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

From tomorrow Thursday 10th February 2011, both Kofuu and Senju re going to be at the Milano Tattoo Convention launching their 'KOKORO' book. Alex Kofuu Reinke Horikitsune will be tattooing there with his student Leon-san. Horiyoshi IIIs' son Soryo Kazuyoshi will also be there with his friend Horikazu-san both coming into Italy from Japan.
Come check it out, pick up a copy of our book and get tattooed :-).