Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ozuma Kaname has left us this morning.

Legendary painter Ozume Kaname died this morning after losing a short and uneven battle with cancer. His paintings on silk of, among other things, tattooed female figures often wearing designs by master Horiyoshi III of Yokohama, are regarded as masterworks by those familiar with the tradition of Irezumi.
We had the pleasure and priviligie to meet the late master painter in the spring of 2010 when we payed him a short visit together with amongst others Horiren.

He will be sadly missed by all.

Kofuu and Senju

To see examples of his outstanding work, please go here

Sale on slightly damaged copies of "Kokoro".

What we are talking about here are copies of our Horiyoshi III photobook "Kokoro", that have minor damage to the cover. The inside is in superb condition.
When we get nearly a ton and a half of books delivered to our storage there is boound to be a few copies that slipped by the printer's final quality check. We have gathered these on a special shelf and discussed back and forth what to do with them. We arrived at the conclusion that selling them for a bit less would be a good thing.

So we are offering these copies for 125 Euro plus shipping (35 Euro) each. Please mail us at senju@kofuusenjupublicatons.com and make sure that copies still are available. After a OK from us you can just go ahead and place your order by paying the amount to our PayPal account (senju@kofuusenjupublications.com).

Monday, 26 September 2011

"Dentouwaza" is our new upcoming book.

Dates are set for the release of our third book on Irezumi. It is to be named "Dentouwaza" and features the amazing traditional, all hand-tattooed works of Nakamura Toshikazu.
While photographing for "Kokoro" in 2009, on master Horiyoshi III's recomendation, we went to visit this amazing traditional irezumi artist on the southern island of Japan called Kyushu.

We were so impressed with the work he showed us, that we immediately started drawing up plans for a future book project dedicated to this relatively unknown horishi. In 2010 we headed back with full studio gear and photographed a selection of his clients. Together with a selection of Nakamura Toshikazu's own photographs of his clientele, this has now formed itself into a one of a kind book.

Again, we will bring you the highest quality irezumi in the highest quality book we can create.
For this project we will continue with the same proffessionals that printed our earlier efforts, even though they have now moved on to another equally exeptional printing company.

The release of "Dentouwaza" will take place at the Milan Tattoo Convention 10-12 of February 2012.

The edition is limited to 550 numbered copies only.